Left to right: Luca Pasquinelli, Elisabetta Faguioli and Francine Stephens

Left to right: Luca Pasquinelli, Elisabetta Faguioli and Francine Stephens

Montenidoli: The Heart and Soul of Italian Wine

A Documentary


Montenidoli – The Heart and Soul of Italian Wine focuses on Elisabetta Fagiuoli, the owner of Montenidoli, and a woman who’s energy, philosophy and wines exude a rare harmonic convergence of nature and humanity that feels the soul.

The beginning of the film captures Elisabetta on the day of the auction of an eclectic group of wines at Christie’s Auction House in New York City, where the proceeds from the auction go to the Montenidoli Foundation. We will follow her throughout the day as she tells stories about the winery, the wines, the grapes, the land, her former partner in life and her love of wine.

We will also learn about the Foundation of Montenidoli, a place that helps children with troubled backgrounds. While Elisabetta tells her stories we will cut to visuals of the estate in Tuscany and see what makes her and this winery so special. We will get the sense of the old school ways of organic wine making and why it is so important. The action of the film will culminate as we see the auction take place back in NYC and the bidding begins. What wines are being sold? How will the wines sell? Who is bidding? How much will be made? After the auction is over we will see Elisabetta back home on the estate, entertaining her guests, bringing people together and drinking her wine. 

Jillian LaVinka, Director

Jillian LaVinka has produced web based videos for The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider as well as short documentaries for American Foundation for AIDS Research, PSAs for The D.C. Ombudsman’s Health Care Office and videos on the immigration process.  Jillian currently works with Melissa Clark, dining columnist of The New York Times, producing videos on the Times website. She has an MFA from the National Theatre Conservatory and a BA from The University of Wisconsin.

Elizabeth Hodge, Producer

Elizabeth Hodge is an award-winning Executive Producer with over 25 years of experience producing broadcast and digital content for leading advertisers. She has led campaigns for clients such as the Coca-Cola Company, Land Rover, Lipton, ExxonMobil and Klondike. Awards include AICP, Art Directors Club Gold, Effie, Andy, D&AD and Addy. She has produced projects with leading documentary directors Errol Morris, R.J. Cutler and Nicholas Barker, and has shot all over the world, in Europe, Asia, New Zealand and South America. She is a former Senior Vice President at Lowe Worldwide, and Executive Producer at DDB NY. Food and wine are her passion, and she is thrilled at the opportunity to showcase the talents of the extraordinary Elisabetta Fagiuoli.

Luca Pasquinelli, Producer

Luca was born in Florence, Italy where he began his 20 year hospitality career. He spent five years as the Wine Manager at Babbo Restaurant, brought two beautiful children to life and more recently was the General Manager at the new Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria. He is now the General Manager at Franny's in Brooklyn where you will find some of Elisabetta's beautiful wines on the list.

Elisabetta Fagiuoli

Synonymous with Montenidoli wine. Sample quotes: "The aim of winemaking is to be together" and "every wine is different, every wine has a soul to give," "I've been working my vineyards organically since 1971, today everybody is talking organic this and terroir that, it's like the new virginity" and "a man and a woman are incomplete until they are together; it's the same with wine and food."